Pestguard Services

Bird Control & Cleaning

Bird infestations can carry harmful pathogens such as Salmonella and E Coli. It can also be the cause of infesting parasitic insects such as Fleas, bird mite or other parasitic pests to infest living or work areas and feed on humans. Water tanks can become contaminated making them dangerous to use.

Pestguard Services will assess each infestation individually to allow us to determine if we can remove the infesting birds within the terms of the general license. Our technicians are IPAF trained in working safely at height.

  • Assessment carried out.
  • Safe removal of the birds.
  • Safe removal of nesting materials and fouling.
  • Treatment of area with insecticide and a biocide disinfectant.
  • Seal access points to prevent further bird ingress.
  • Various proofing techniques such as bird control spikes, netting and much more to prevent roosting and contamination of premises.

Gulls on the top of a factory building.


Pest birds can be a big problem for people who operate industrial and commercial spaces. Pest birds like starlings can devastate crops, and their droppings can contaminate water supplies. Falconry is the ancient art of hunting with trained birds of prey. Falconry can be a very effective way to scare pest birds away and force them to find a new home.

An employee handling one of our Falcons

Bird Proofing

We have decades of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing bird deterrents for buildings. We are confident that we can help you build a bird-free environment with our products. We are committed to providing safe and effective solutions to make your building pest-free.

Netting over the top of an industrial buildings fans