Urban Myth: Pest Insects Die Off in the Winter

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Urban Myth: Pest Insects Die Off in the Winter

Ah, winter. The weather is colder and that means no batting away wasps or flies swarming around your bins. So what happens to pest insects in winter, do they die off?

The short answer is no. Many of them find their way indoors to shelter over the winter months or they find other ways to survive until spring.

What happens to pest insects in the winter then?

Some insects like beetles and wasps enter something known as ‘diapause,’ a type of hibernation where they literally freeze in wait for the spring. Metabolism and heart rate slows down, their temperature drops, and they become inactive. Then come the spring, they thaw out and become active again.

There are some pest insects that don’t survive the winter. Mosquitoes are one of them. For this reason, the females lay eggs in the late summer and these survive until the spring when they are ready to hatch.

Where do some common pest insects go in the winter?


Cockroaches head indoors where it’s damp and warm, and they’ll look for shelter in homes, restaurants, and pretty much anywhere they can find a source of food.


Ants adapt really well to cold weather. Their body temperature drops and their movements slow down to conserve energy. They tend to hide out in their colonies, deep in the soil. You’ll also find them hiding out under logs or the mulch in your compost heap. Once spring comes, they’ll be ready to search for food and invade your home once more.


We all know that these pest insects like to venture inside during the colder months to find food, shelter, and a mate. You’ll often find them in undisturbed places like garages, basements, attics, inside of boxes, and underneath furniture that’s not often moved.

Some spiders can survive outside however, and they will hibernate under piles of leaves, rocks, or in other sheltered spots.

Protect your home or business from pest insects this winter

Just because you don’t hear the familiar buzz of pest insects that you do in the summer, or it seems like you just don’t see as many, it doesn’t mean you can let your guard down in the winter months.

Some pest insects like cockroaches and spiders head indoors for the winter in the search for food and shelter. Your home or business could be a prime target.

If you need help with protecting or proofing your home or business against pests this winter, call Pestguard. We understand insect behaviour, the signs of infestation that you might miss, and how to eradicate them fast if the worst has happened.

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