Pest-proofing your business for the Autumn and Winder. Are you ready?

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Pest-Proofing Your Business for the Autumn and Winter: Are You Ready?  (topical article)

The weather is turning colder and this means one thing: pests like rodents and cockroaches are heading indoors for food and shelter. Your business premises might be a prime target, especially if you serve or prepare food. How much thought have you given to pest-proofing your business? Here’s how to keep pests at bay this autumn and winter.

Pest-proofing your business for the autumn and winter

A pest infestation can affect any business. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to pest-proofing your premises, here are our top tips.

Keep an eye on potential pest hot spots

Pests like to set up home where there’s a food source and plenty of places to hide out. So get into the habit of inspecting your premises regularly for signs of pest activity. Pest hot spots might include kitchens, food storage areas, utility rooms, stockrooms, basements, and areas around bins. Look for signs of pests including nests, product damage, and droppings.

Get your employees on board

As the business owner/manager, pest proofing is not just your responsibility. Everyone has to play their part in keeping the premises pest-free and legally compliant. Consider training your staff on the signs of pest activity, what they can do to prevent pests, and how to report any pest problems. Provide employees with checklists and get them to inspect the premises regularly for signs of activity. It goes without saying that there should be a good general housekeeping schedule in place too.

Keep your premises in good repair

Pests like mice and cockroaches can get through the tiniest of gaps, so keeping your premises in  good repair is a must if you want to keep pests out.

Repair any cracks in walls and foundations, and seal any gaps around pipes, cables, and windows with caulk. Consider fitting brushes to the bottom of doors to stop pests from getting in.

Don’t forget the outside of your premises too. Keep it clean and tidy, don’t let rubbish pile up, and cut back any vegetation that provides a handy leg up into your premises.

Make your premises less appealing to pests

The number one thing that attracts pests into a building is a food source. So removing potential sources of food is an important pest-proofing strategy. Keep your premises clean and free from clutter. Make sure food/foodstuffs aren’t left lying around, and clean up any crumbs or spillages straight away. Empty bins every day, and don’t leave bin bags lying next to your bins as they will attract hungry pests.

A pest infestation is not inevitable

While a pest infestation could affect any business, it’s not inevitable. Follow the tips we’ve given you and if you feel like you need help with your pest management strategy, consider calling in professional help.

At Pestguard, we work with you to reduce the risk of a pest infestation as well as dealing with any ongoing pest problems you might have.

Are you ready to proof your business against pests now and for many years to come?